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We specialize in creating web sites for the small to medium company.  Most larger businesses can afford to hire a full time web site administrator. We have had a presence on the web since 1997 and we would like to utilize that experience to help you meet your goals for the Internet.


We will not only design your web site but we will maintain the web site.  Removing the overhead of an administrator from your payroll.


Currently approximately 40% of the companies are using the Internet as an information warehouse. That number is expected to double by the year 2002.

Many consumers are moving away from window shopping and starting to research their purchases on the Internet, before they leave the house.  Your company could lose a sale without knowing that you were in the "game". Based on that, many companies are having web sites developed.

Small and medium companies are taking advantage of the Internet environment. The consumer has no idea how big or how small you are as a company. We can help you take advantage of the level playing field that the Internet creates. The small business can finally compete with the Large Corporation for the same client base.

A web site makes a sensible addition to the advertising that a company spends on the Yellow Pages. Besides being more cost effective, it offers a way for a company to reach the customer with all of the details.