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Logo Designing - We can design a logo for you that will be ether Urdu or English, Animated or non-Animated. We can even make a logo with Flash that is interactive.

Page Designing - Designing the perfect page that works with your business needs & gives a professional look that is unique.

Custom Background - If none of the Standard Backgrounds don't meet your needs then we design a Custom Background for you.

Java Script - You may want us to add some "eyecandy" to your WebSite.  e.g. rollover buttons or a personalized greeting.

Java Applets - This is another way to add "eyecandy" to your WebSite.  We can implement many kinds of applets e.g. the Lake applet, the water applet...etc.

Flash Movie (shocked page) - This is a page the do anything & be anything you want. It's one of the best ways to give your page a edge over your computation. It can be very animated or even have no effect but beautiful.

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