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Scanning services - If you already have a logo or pictures that you want digitized, we can scan them.

Sign up for web space - We can sign you up with the best free or normal (pay monthly) Web Space provider on the net. We will find the Web Space provider that fits your needs the budget with the highest up time.

Register a URL - Take care of URL registering for you. The URL can be anything you want e.g. "".

Setup of e-commerce & entering of product info - We will setup a e-commerce site for you & enter your data too. It will not be just a site with info in it people will be able to go through your products & make purchases online.

Submission to search engines - Submission of your site to search engines every month will increase your hits & you will get exactly the people you need.

Monthly or Weekly maintenance - Do not worry about maintaining you WebSite. Our company will maintain your site on a monthly basis.

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